Aromascapes – Serving Oklahoma and Texas in a Way That Just Makes Scents!

Aromascapes is the leading scent marketing company covering all of Oklahoma, North Texas, including the Dallas/Ft Worth area and even Western Arkansas. At Aromascapes, our goal is to engage, enhance and entice your environment to a more pleasing and inviting atmosphere. Our service program ensures your indoor ambient environment continues to provide the level of fragrance you expect all day everyday. We know all properties are not the same so we provide an easy on-site survey to determine what you want to accomplish, the areas to be treated and then provide a customized approach for your scenting and/or odor neutralizing needs. We are so confident in the services we provide that we don’t require a long term agreement or contract of any kind. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Aromascapes will only provide a contract if your company requires one. We stay on top of our service intervals and make sure day 30 smells just like day 1 and have multiple clients who can attest to our capabilities. For this reason, we know you’ll be happy choosing Aromascapes to provide for your scenting and/or odor neutralizing needs. If that’s not enough, for your commercial facility we offer a 30 day trial for $1 and that $1 goes to Folds of Honor.


Can We Service Your Home or Business?
…..Smell yeah we can!


We supply, install and service scent marketing, branding and odor neutralizing systems for businesses and organizations. We also assist in choosing the appropriate aromas for a facility by providing multiple samples and/or providing a trial. We work with clients who choose to implement holiday programs throughout the year and even predetermine the fragrances and start dates for seamless introductions. Our service programs were developed to ensure the most consistent results from one service interval to the next and we provide work orders at each visit with the scope of work performed. 


Stores have increasingly used scent as a way to add to the experiences of their customers in order for them to linger longer for scent marketing and branding purposes. Research has shown that by introducing a pleasant aroma throughout a store, customers were spending more time in the store thus increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Aromascapes has multiple systems for any size store and budget.


Gaming facilities provide a multi-sensory experience through lights and sounds. When it comes to a casino, most people appreciate the additional fragrance added. Where the control of malodors is needed in the gaming industry, we have the ability to formulate an odor neutralizing ingredient to minimize smoke odors and other unintentional odors which may be present.



Regardless how well maintained a public restroom is, not having the proper odor neutralizing device can tarnish the perception of a property. Our monthly service program and systems are the best insurance against odor issues. At Aromascapes, we offer multiple unique fragrances formulated with our odor neutralizing products to combat malodors and protect your image all day long.


If your business receives guests and/or clientele, having an inviting and welcoming indoor atmosphere is very important to the image of your business. Aromascapes can service a variety of systems on a regular interval to ensure the perception of your office area remains positive, professional and uplifting. Utilizing an ambient aroma in your office will separate your business from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your guests or clientele.


Fitness Centers

If you run a fitness center, you know the challenges with malodors. Not only should malodors be controlled, but the indoor environment needs to be invigorating, uplifting and motivating. Certain aromas can assist in a workout session and feedback for your facility will be positive. We have multiple aroma blends which elicit a feeling of energy and cleanliness and formulated with our odor neutralizing products. Our service program keeps you focused on your clientele and Aromascapes controls the indoor environment.


Not only do we take care of your business needs, but we also provide you with your favorite Aromascapes scents in the comfort of your own home! The same type of technology used to enhance the indoor areas of a business is also available in the home of your family. With the help of your home’s heat and air unit, our whole home aroma systems can deploy any fragrance you want throughout the ventilation of the home. Instead of using candles, wax melts and store bought plug ins which only scent a small area, you can have a system to treat your entire house with a consistent fragrance throughout. Aromascapes whole home aroma system is fully programmable 24/7 and you can have your favorite fragrance at the intensity level you want, when you want it.


Get Your First Month for $1

The best part about Aromascapes for our residential and commercial scent marketing programs, is that we earn your business. At Aromascapes, we go above and beyond to provide quality and consistent service. Our machines, and our way of scenting is different than anything else you’ve ever tried and we do our best to prove that to you. We offer no contract and work entirely month-to-month but your first month is simply only $1. When you reach out to us, you will speak with our technicians and we will book the very first consultation. Upon this consultation, we pay you a visit on site and ask questions to understand the goal of your scent marketing. Next, we provide the install and service going forward thereafter. You will also have the option to pick out your favorite scents. At Aromascapes, we even give you the option to switch out your scenting needs anytime of the year at your next service appointment. This helps with holidays, themes and more! We believe we can show you the increased value for your employees and your customers within the first 30 days. Reach out to get your free quote and first 30 days of service for only $1.