We supply, install and service scent marketing Oklahoma City and odor neutralizing systems for businesses and organizations. We also assist in choosing the appropriate aromas for a facility by providing multiple samples and/or providing a trial. We work with clients who choose to implement holiday programs throughout the year and even predetermine the fragrances and start dates for seamless introductions. Our service programs were developed to ensure the most consistent results from one service interval to the next and we provide work orders at each visit with the scope of work performed.  


Stores have increasingly used scent as a way to add to the experiences of their customers in order for them to linger longer for scent marketing Oklahoma City purposes. Research has shown that by introducing a pleasant aroma throughout a store, customers were spending more time in the store thus increasing the likelihood of a purchase. AromaScapes has multiple systems for any size store and budget.


Gaming facilities provide a multi-sensory experience through lights and sounds. When it comes to a casino, most people appreciate the additional fragrance added. 



Not only do we take care of your business needs, we also can provide you with your favorite AromaScapes scents in the comfort of your own home! The same type of technology used to enhance the scent of businesses is also used in the home of your family.