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The AromaScapes No Contract Approach

We want to WOW you and your customers with a personalized scent marketing program that we maintain for you, without a contract. We operate without any auto bill on a month-to-month basis with your first month for only $1 to truly earn your business to give you the best scent marketing experience for your customers.

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Founded by the Wright Brothers

Just kidding…. Our founders are not really brothers, nor did they invent an airplane. What we do at Aromascapes is much better. We make sense out of scents! Tommy and Randy founded Aromascapes in 2014 and have been transforming the indoor environment of businesses ever-SCENTS.

About Us

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“AromaScapes is awesome! We get so many daily compliments on how well the store smells. The diffuser is compact, works well, and looks nice. We receive excellent customer service, and our diffuser is serviced and refilled on a regular basis. If you want your customers to enjoy being in your business, AromaScapes can help you make a great first impression.”

– Robert Reed

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We’ll let you try us for $1. Let us survey your store, hotel, casino, office or any other type of commercial business to see how scent marketing will best serve you.


At this point, you are probably ready for the next step, and looking to learn more about your favorite scent marketing company, AromaScapes. Aroma Scapes, you can simply shop online using our home and residential product options to get a taste of exactly what Aroma Scapes could do for you. Or, you can simply give us a call or fill out the form on our website to begin your free 30 day trial of Aroma Scapes. If you were a business owner, it is time to make the next step to enhance your brand and create an intentional environment for your customers to remember, talk about to their friends, and truly feel warm and welcome entering your business. No matter what, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and that is why we encourage you to reach out today. Our contracts are month to month, so if we do not continue to deliver excellent in quality services for you, you are not locked in or obligated to continue using our services. It truly is a no brainer to embark on your journey of scent marketing with Aroma Scapes.

Are you looking for scent marketing for your home, office, retail store, restaurant, gym or any other type of business? AromaScapes has you covered. At AromaScapes, we are the leaders and sent marketing for a reason. We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that you not only receive the exact aroma that fits your style, taste and enhances the overall experience for your customers, but we also make sure that we are delivering the quality service you need for scent engineering. We make sure that we are keeping your aroma and your scent consistent. When you start to get low, we are there to help you,service your diffuser and make sure you are never left without your favorite aroma with AromaScapes.

With AromaScapes, we make it so easy for you. We let you try the scent marketing program for 30 days for only one dollar so you truly can enhance the experience for your customers and see the value we bring.

At AromaScapes, we encourage you to reach out to the expert when you are looking to enhance the overall experience of your business or home. Branding yourself is important. If you are a business owner, or if you have ever hosted any kind of guests in your home, you understand how important branding yourself is. The fact is, smells create a lasting memory. It is one of the first impressions people receive when they enter your store, office, shop or even your home. That is why AromaScapes makes it easy for you to be extremely intentional with your scenting and your aromas. We have over 70 different types of aromas to fit your needs. First, we will deliver a custom consultation, a one-on-one with one of our scent marketing engineers to talk you through the process of delivering exactly what we can do for your environment. We will sit down with you, look at the different scenting options, weigh the pros and the cons of both and look at the layout and blueprint of your building so that we engineer a scenting program that is built to last and make an impression when you need it most.