What is Aromascapes?

AromaScapes exists to connect businesses, properties, guests and customers through the powerful sense of smell using scent marketing Oklahoma City. Our mission is to successfully enhance the environments of those we serve to elevate the experience of those they serve. By utilizing scent we help our clients tell their story, improve perceptions and permanently remain a positive, memorable experience for their guests and employees.

AromaScapes was founded by Tommy and Randy Wright in 2014. Previously, they worked with facilities across Oklahoma in other capacities then discovered how important the smell of a property is to the perception of a company’s brand reputation and their guests overall experience. They understood the impact of scent marketing Oklahoma City services. They saw an opportunity and sought out ways to enhance the indoor environment of local businesses through various technologies. As the dream grew locally, Randy and Tommy realized the importance of scent marketing Oklahoma City, scent branding and malodor management to businesses and worked towards sourcing better equipment and products to help their current and prospective clients accomplish their goals. They also worked to constantly improve Aromascapes service program. By listening and understanding their clients needs, they continued to develop various service programs which could be customized to achieve their clients goals with a practical approach.

Today, AromaScapes’ line of systems and products are designed for any application and for any industry needing scent marketing Oklahoma City. No matter how small of a job or how large of a project, we can meet and exceed expectations. Whether creating an exciting environment, relaxing atmosphere, eliminating unintentional odors or enticing customers to stay longer, AromaScapes has an array of solutions to achieve your desired results.

Scent Marketing Oklahoma City is a much needed service. For business owners, this could be the one thing that sets them apart from their competition. The fact is, AromaScapes provides benefits many other scent marketing companies simply do not. At AromaScapes we offer five benefits others don’t.

  • No Contract!

That’s right! We work month-to-month to earn your business. We believe that by providing the best service and products that there is no need to tie you into an unwanted contract.  

  • Full Service

We provide routine service on the equipment so our clients can focus on their own operations. The only thing we ask anyone to be responsible for is if you don’t smell anything give us a call and we will arrive to find a solution ASAP.

  • No On-Site Storage

Included with the service, we provide the product and nothing needs to be stored in a storage area.  We bring the fragrance and diffusers with us. We will not require anyone to store fragrances or equipment on site.

  • We do not auto-bill or auto-ship

When a service interval is completed, a signed work order with scope of work is provided. Once the work order is turned in, we email the invoice to a designated email address provided by our client. We do not auto-ship product for those devices maintained by your personnel. We communicate with those responsible to send product in a timely manner.

  • We maintain equipment or replace if necessary

Under the full service program, not only do we maintain the equipment and replenish the product, but if the equipment cannot be quickly fixed in the field, it will be replaced at no additional cost. We will even replace the equipment voluntarily as technology advances, again, at no additional cost. So no extra charges for upgrades either on equipment or new fragrances.

Do You Need Scent Marketing?

Well, that’s a great question. Smell is usually the last thing anybody thinks about for an indoor  environment, yet it could be the first thing a guest notices and the first thing they remember, which is why you want to make sure they smell something positive. The impact of a scent has to do with science and that’s where scent marketing Oklahoma City comes in. Our sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to the portion of the brain responsible for memory and emotion which is called the Limbic System. In fact, all other senses go through a series of “channels” before the brain receives and categorizes the information. Research has proven that our sense of smell will greatly influence our behaviors. An experience of a particular fragrance can take us back to a specific memory like grandma’s pumpkin pie, help us determine what course of action to take if we smell something burning and form an opinion if a place smells musty or like fresh linen. If you have a place of business, the question should be – what do you want your guests to remember? You don’t have very long to make a first impression. A study that was done on people choosing a gym stated that within the first minute most potential customers had made a decision in under one minute. The sense of smell had the largest factor in that decision. Let us help you create a great first impression with the power of smell. 

Can Scent Marketing with Aromascapes Enhance Your Business?

Since our brains are sent multiple scents all the time, it makes sense that our sense of smell should be less confused by surrounding scents or by what was just said. In other words, AromaScapes assists multiple industries in harnessing the power of fragrances to elevate their brand, create an invigorating atmosphere or promote relaxation and comfort. In a world where scents are competing with one another, shouldn’t your message dominate? Whatever the desired outcome, AromaScapes can help positively project your image and ensure unintentional odors are neutralized. There are numerous studies showing that scenting can increase the time people spend in a certain area. By them spending more time in a certain location they typically will spend more than in a non scented area. 

Sometimes there can be unwanted odors such as smoke, body odor, or musty smells etc… We have odor neutralizing properties available that we can add to most of our fragrances. This way we can eliminate any unwanted odors while leaving behind a nice pleasant scent. 

AromaScapes can successfully help any industry such as:                        

  • Assisted Living
  • Casinos
  • Healthcare
  • Fitness Centers
  • Events
  • Restaurants
  • Office Lobbies          
  • Financial Institutions
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Retail Stores and Boutiques
  • Churches
  • Schools/Universities
  • Hotels and other Hospitality properties
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Funeral Homes   

About Tommy Wright

Tommy is Vice President of Mid-America Sales & Distribution, LLC, and Co-Founder of AromaScapes, LLC. With always having an attitude of “no problems-only challenges”, he has helped propel the two companies with his strong client-centric focus. Raised in a close-knit community of Watonga, OK, Tommy moved to Oklahoma City, OK in 1988 to begin a career in the grocery industry while going to college, then gained experience in finance and various outside sales positions. Entrepreneurship first struck him in 1998 when he had the idea for a drive-thru coffee shop, which later became known as Joe-To-Go Espresso in 2001. Tommy began working with Randy at Mid-America Sales & Dist., LLC in 2009, becoming a partner and Vice President in 2012; ultimately assisting in the creation and launch of what is now known as AromaScapes. Today, He is actively engaged in the strategic growth of both companies through every aspect of the business. Tommy has been married to Tomi Wright since 2017 and they reside in Edmond, OK.

About Randy Wright

Randy Wright was born in Watonga, OK where he grew up and graduated high school in 1988. In 1994 he started a service division for an overhead door and loading dock company in Oklahoma City, OK for a company out of Dallas, TX. Started it from basically nothing and grew it to a one million dollar a year service division. After the downturn of the economy following the attacks on September 11, 2001, the company downsized and he was let go a year later. He promised himself that if he ever built a business again it would be for him and his family. Two years later he formed Mid America Sales & Dist, LLC. Mid America Sales & Dist, LLC is still going and created Aromascapes, LLC in 2014. He has been happily married to his lovely wife Jennifer for 20 years and has three wonderful children. Jarod 14, Jaeden 12, and Jaxon 8.