How Can I Contact AromaScapes? 

There are many ways to contact us. The first would be to check out our website There you can sign up for a free survey and you first month for one dollar. You can also read some of our testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers. We also have pictures of our products along with descriptions of each. You can also browse a list of some of our more popular scents we have available. 

If you would like to contact us directly our main email is We have three main phone numbers. For Oklahoma and Arkansas, you can call (405) 945-1945. If you are in Texas, you can call (817) 693-5232.

However you wish to contact us, we look forward to helping you improve your environment with the powerful sense of smell. 

Why Should I Contact Aromascapes?

At Aromascapes we strive to be the premier scenting / scent marketing Oklahoma City / scent branding / odor remediation company. At Aromascapes we have many different scents to choose from.  From some of our more popular scents like Blondwood, Bergamot Vanilla, Colcord Blue, and Green Tea Lemongrass. We also have seasonal scents such as Holiday Spice and Winter Pine. Food and drink aromas like Baked Bread, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Pizza Margherita. We can also neutralize unwanted smells with our odor neutralizing products such as Pure Sunshine and Gogi Berry.  Along with many more to choose from. All of our oils are highly refined and contain no allergens. By refining and removing any possible contaminates or allergens, we are able to go into almost any indoor environment. We also have many different ways to diffuse the oils. Weather you need a small plug in unit, or something to cover a larger area. Many of our diffusing units are bluetooth compatible and can be programmed from virtually any smart device. There are also diffusing units that can be piped into the HVAC of a home or place of business available.  So whether you are wanting to scent a space in your home or place of business, Aromascapes will have a solution for you.

What Should I Expect When I Contact AromaScapes?

At Aromascapes we work very hard to be the best scent marketing Oklahoma City company, but we work even harder to be the best service company. We take great pride in providing the best service program and customer service available. Some of the ways we provide great service are the following.

  1. Free survey. We will survey your commercial space and give you options on how to best scent your space at no charge.
  2. We offer the 1st month for only one dollar with no contracts. This allows you to experience our service program and get feedback from your employees and customers at no risk. We never require any contracts. We feel that by providing the best products and services available that you will have no reason not to stay with Aromascapes.
  3. We guarantee a 72 hour on site response time on all service calls. Most of the time we will be there within a day. The only thing you will have to every worry about is if you don’t smell anything give us a call and we will be out to fix it ASAP.
  4. Upgrades are included at no additional cost. As the technology advances we will provide newer equipment as it becomes available. This also includes any new fragrances that become available. 

With all of this and so much more we hope to make your scenting experience stress free and very pleasurable. Not only for you, but also for your employees and customers.

What Can AromaScapes do for my Business? 

“The sense of smell overrides consciousness.” Bishop Paul Sharp

At Aromascapes we specialize in Scent Marketing Oklahoma City/Scent Branding for businesses. Our sense of smell is the only sense that is connected to the part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system is a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain that controls basic emotions and drives such as fear, pleasure, anger, and hunger. The sense of smell is a primary factor in enhancing moods. We can help you to create a very positive environment in your place of business with the power of smell. We can help to create a more relaxing environment with soothing aromas such as lavender and vanilla, or a more sophisticated approach with aromas such as woody and musks. So whatever approach you are going for we have customizable scenting services. We are not a cookie cutter scent marketing Oklahoma City company. We see every potential client differently, and are able to create their own scent branding plan.  There are many studies showing that by using scent customers will linger longer and therefore spend more. We also have odor neutralization aromas available. If there is an unpleasant scent we have to ability to neutralize it and leave a nice pleasant scent behind. 

What Can AromaScapes do for my Home?

At Aromascapes we have many different ways to scent your home outside of the infamous scent marketing Oklahoma City. From our smaller plug in units to larger wall mount and desk top diffusers. We also have diffusing units that can be installed to diffuse into your homes ventilation ductwork.  A number of our units are bluetooth compatible and can be programmed and controlled from just about any smart device. All of our systems use cold air diffusion technology. This turns the pure oil into a vapor that is lighter than air. Most of the other home scenting systems such as plug ins and water vapor systems have to use a catalyst such and alcohol or water to get the scent into the air. This is completely different than scent marketing Oklahoma City. These are typically not very consistent and usually don’t last very long. As long as there is oil in our system it says the strength that you set it to. We have many customers that tell us how they love when other people come into their home and  tell them how great it smells. 

We all love our pets, but sometimes they can create unwanted odors. We have odor neutralizing scents available that can eliminate unwanted odors while leaving a nice aroma as well. 

So whatever your looking for to scenting your home we have a diffuser and scent for you.